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Always Be The 1st Responder To Contact Prospective Buyers For Your Business!.

KwickConnect Engagement Solution

Rapid Response

KwickConnect allows you to engage prospective clients while they are still online shopping. With proprietary rapid response technology, get notified instantly every time someone expresses interest in any of your ads online. The Rapid Response feature allows you to speak with them at the perfect time, right before they leave your website, or finish reading your ad. this experience wows customers, and shows excellent customer service. With KwickConnect, improving your sales becomes as simple as answering a phone call!

Ad Tracking

Ad Tracking is another impressive feature of KwickConnect. Satisfying our customers requires understanding what their needs are, which includes Ad Spend ROI. This feature allows you to track which ad source your prospective customers engaged in. As a business, this enables you to understand what kind of marketing converts visitors-to-leads so you can focus on what works!

Intelligent Call Monitoring

KwickConnect also allows you to gain essential insights into the interests, demands, and other vital information you need to stay in the "know" about business calls you otherwise would not be privy to hearing. Interactive call monitoring is possible by looking out for recurrent keywords in your conversations with your prospects through advanced AI technology.<br /> When alerted on these keywords, you gain more insight into what most of your business calls are about.

Intelligent Call Routing

Another critical reason why KwickConnect is a must-have for every car dealer is its smart routing feature. This fantastic feature helps ensure that all calls delivered to the best handler at every point in time. Whether your representatives are at the desk, walking the lot, on their day off, or commuting to work, KwickConnect will be with them every step of the way.

KwickConnect @Home

KwickConnect also allows you and your sales team to connect with your prospects no matter where you are. By notifying you when a prospect engages in your ad and placing you on a call with them, you only need to ensure that your phone is not far away. This makes it convenient for you and your sales team to work remotely as you are not necessarily required to be at your desk all the time.

Lead Engagement Dashboard

As a KwickConnect User, you also get a mobile-friendly personalized dashboard that helps you track engagement KPIs in real-time. The panel is straightforward and easy to use. It allows you to assess your team's performance in just one glance, update schedules, listen to recorded calls, track Ad performance, and more. KwickConnect can also help sort the data based on your preferences.

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Perform Better as a Business with KwickConnect!

KwickConnect currently offers auto-dealers a unique opportunity to take their business to the next level. By automating your customer lead response process, it becomes even more efficient. Our solution is designed to give you that extra edge.

From Rapid Response, Ad Tracking, Call Monitoring, and Remote working amongst others, you get an array of amazing features that helps you connect with your prospects ahead of others. Apart from these, KwickConnect also offers several other features to help you generate the best content and strategy to connect with your customers. You can also keep tabs on how well your customer engagement is doing from your centralized dashboard. With KwickConnect, you can;

  • Speak to prospects 1st before competitors!
  • Provide a WOW first impression!
  • Increase contact rates overnight!
  • Track marketing and ad performance!
  • Monitor lead engagement KPI’S!
  • Monetize marketing & ad spend!


What’s included in my KwickConnect plan?

By signing up for a KwickConnect plan, you get access to all the basic features of the solution from Rapid Responses, Ad Tracking, Call Monitoring, Smart Routing, etc. all for an affordable per-user monthly fee.

What is a KwickConnect user?

A KwickConnect user is any user that has access to all of the features and tools that we’ve built into our lead engagement solution. This includes but is not limited to Rapid Response, Ad Tracking, Intelligent Call Monitoring, Intelligent Call Routing, Lead Engagement Dashboard, and remarkable customer support!

Is there a limit to the number of users I can set up?

No. There are no limits to the number of users you can set up. The plans offered usually starts with three users. However, you can add as many users as needed based on the demands of your Business. However, to help optimize cost, we also offer cost-effective unlimited user plans. These plans are specifically designed for large organizations that might require a large workforce. KwickConnect gives you the flexibility needed to find the most suited plan for your Business.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

KwickConnect allows you to choose between annual or month-to-month plans. Our annual plans offer a discount based on the number of users you’ve chosen. Our month-to-month plans may be canceled at any time.

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