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KwickConnect’s lead management system, address your customer’s needs, the moment they decide to advance from shopper to prospect.


Instantly connect with prospects while they’re still engaged on your website. An impressive 78% of online buyers purchase from the first company they speak with.

Check out our VIP Concierge Solution that works hand-in-hand with our Rapid Response System guaranteeing your dealership a 97% call connection rate during regular business hours with an average 30 second lead response time. 
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KwickConnect instantly converts leads to phone calls, but also tracks and records 100% of inbound and outbound calls at a dealership and reports how eveyr call was handled, sends every sales opportunity seamlessly to CRM and actively improves sales performance.

Web Lead Rapid Response

Instantly speak with prospects while they are still engaged on your website.

Missed Opportunity Detect

Know when opportunities are being missed and save them. Keep a pulse on every lead.

Live Text Call Monitoring

View or listen in on any call in progress with automatic key word or phrase highlighting.

Analytics & Reporting

Power filtering, sorting and grouping allow you to view your data the way you want.

Mishandled Call Detection

Be alerted the moment a call is being mishandled and take corrective action.

Whisper & Barge

Listen and join a live call in progress and take the call over. Also great for training agents.