Create Lasting Connections with Your
Customers and Prospects with KwickConnect Lead Response Solution

Rapid Response

Always Be The First To Respond…  Always!

Studies have shown that about 70% of people tend to buy from the first company they speak to. KwickConnect Lead Response Solutions gives you this competitive edge with its Rapid Response feature. With this feature, you can instantly respond to your customers and prospects, thereby getting to them before others do. Increasing your sales is as easy as Answering up the phone and pressing 2.

Ad Tracking

Track Your Marketing ROI Conveniently

Keep tabs on what your customers are saying, and where they came from. Our ad tracking solution assesses the effectiveness of your marketing approach and monitors your team’s interaction with customers. The tool covers both traditional ad tracking, call tracking, and the insertion of dynamic numbers.

VIP Concierge

Capture 97.5% Prospect Opportunities… Forever! 

If your team is unavailable or would like to eliminate responding altogether, our professionally trained agents will contact your prospects by phone within seconds of their lead submission. We turn your business into a cash machine that’s never too busy to respond to your prospects immediately.

Intelligent Call Monitoring

Always Get Vital Insight To Grow Your Business

Our Intelligent Call Monitoring helps you detect the essential elements of a conversation. ICM enables you to gain insights into what the concerns and interests your customers are. You can also monitor particular trends by receiving alerts based on customized notification parameters. With the information obtained from this, you can make vital business decisions to grow your business.

Intelligent Call Routing

Easily Connecting Prospects To Your Business

Another critical reason why KwickConnect is a must-have for every business is its intelligent call routing feature. This fantastic feature helps ensure that all calls delivered to the best handler at every point in time. Whether your representatives are at the desk, walking abroad, on their day off, or commuting to work, KwickConnect will be with them every step of the way.

KwickConnect @Home

Connect from Anywhere

KwickConnect also allows you and your team to engage with your customer remotely. The routing feature of the engagement tool enables you to connect customer calls with the right handler irrespective of their location. You can also use the auto-handler feature to facilitate seamless service for your customers.

Lead Engagement Analytics

Assesses Performance At A Glance

Kwickconnect’s analytics offers all the essential metrics and KPIs on a single page, allowing you to adequately assess your communications strategy’s performance at a single glance.

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