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Dan Weik

Chief Visionary Officer
25+ Years

Introducing Mr. Dan Weik (pronounced wick)

Dan is the Founder/President of KwickConnect, located in San Diego, CA., and has over 25 years of success.

Dan is a Senior Executive with experience in all aspects of automotive, sales, and software. A leader in Automotive technology. Direct experience with small businesses to publicly traded companies to grow sales by customizing sales processes with specialized software to be more efficient and successful.

Dan has developed multiple software companies supporting Automotive dealers since 2007 and has been in the Automotive industry since 1995.


Automotive Dealer Executive Management
Automotive Training; Sales, BDC, Desking, Management
Automotive Sales Software


KwickConnect, a proven development for sales lead rapid response, lead tracking, call tracking, and voice recording.

Proud to be a premier partner in Automotive sales conversion solutions, we are committed to helping dealers connect immediately to new sales inquiries.

Technical Information

We accomplish satisfaction through our clients with on-demand training, on-site and off-site training, and development solutions required for the unexpected that may cross our path. Our experience management focuses on achieving the results your business needs.