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Dave Dini

KwickConnect Solution:
Business Development Center
40 Years

Introducing Mr. Dave Dini

The sole owner of Paramount Advertising and Lead Solutions located in Des Plaines, IL, a suburb of Chicago with over 30 years of success. Dave prides his talents in training and hiring the best of the best, “The Paramount Team,” who deliver excellence to our incredible community of Automotive clients. We accomplish satisfaction through our clients with strategical scripts, rigorous training, and specialized planning for specific products or industries. Our experienced management and staff are focused on achieving the results your business requires. Dave’s office and everyday life are to the tune of a Boiler Room you’d see on the Wolf of Wall Street. Dave and his team are rare finds because of their passion and relentless drive that fuel everyone’s success.

Our professionals are trained constantly in this evolving industry. Our account executives have a deep understanding on communication and don’t sound scripted. In fact, they don’t use a script at all. They use the knowledge of customer service and product understanding to send qualified customers to your showroom.


Automotive Sales Process
Master Phone Trainer
Sales Training & Recruiting


Our professionals set appointments with constant training on sales, customer service, and an understanding of business development technology.

We create a fast response time with direct marketing and e-commerce to optimize the buying experience. There is no lag time that you would get from an automated service.

We do it all so you can make a good first impression and focus on your business.

Technical Information

It’s no secret that to fill a showroom of vetted shoppers, we first need to speak to a lead before our competitor does, and that’s where KwickConnect comes in. Dealers spend a ludicrous amount of money on advertising every month, and they triple that amount in lost profit due to; poor staffing, insufficient training, new hires, miscommunication, and lousy agent admin work. The cure to this epidemic is right in front of you. It’s combing cutting edge technology with raw phone sales power. Now KwickConnect dealers will not only experience instant lead response, and sales conversion, but a 97% answer rate that second to none. The simplicity is, you don’t need to buy more leads, you need to convert the ones you already have. Combined, KwickConnect and Paramount ALS have created a secret weapon in sales lead conversion, appointment settings, and more sales.

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